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About Us

Toilet Twinning

We have twinned our Toilet with one in Uganda!

The Holy Bible Toilet Twinning

Penny, Kim and their team of volunteers are always ready to serve you with delicious food and drinks from the Lighthouse Menu.  Most of the food is home cooked, being prepared and cooked on the premises.

While every effort is made to use non-genetically modified ingredients, we cannot guarantee that all of our food will be free from genetically modified ingredients.

We also cannot guarantee that out food will be free from traces of nuts.

Take Out Service

We are pleased to provide filled rolls, cakes
and cookies for you to eat out.

We can also provide hot drinks in take-out containers.   

31 July, 2020


Would you like to join Penny’s team of volunteers in the Café.  If you can offer a few hours each week, your help would be very welcome.

    Why not pop in to see if there is something you can        do to help out.

Volunteers Wanted


Traidcraft  products are sold in the Shop and
where ever possible, used in our Coffee Shop.

Food Hygiene Rating

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All Day Snacks - Saturdays

Light Lunches - Weekdays


All Day Snacks - Weekdays

All Day Snacks - Weekdays Snacks - Saturdays Light Lunches Beverages

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Cakes and Tray Bakes


Beverages Snacks - Covid-19

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