Lighthouse Christian Books and Café

Duties of Deputy Manager


1. The main duty is to assist the Manager in the running of Lighthouse, and when necessary, deputise for them.

2. Working as part of a team with the Manager and Volunteers.

3. Welcoming everyone who comes into the shop and offering them assistance.

4. Meeting with the Trustees and helping them with the running of the shop.


1. To be responsible for running the café under the direction of the Manager.

2. Supervising any volunteers working in the café area.

3. Keeping the kitchen and café area clean and tidy.

4. Serving our customers.

5. Preparing, cooking meals, cakes, snacks, etc. and presentation.

6. Clearing, cleaning and washing-up.

7. Checking stock levels and maintaining records where necessary.

8. Ordering and/or purchasing ingredients, and other café requirements.

9. Handling, accounting for and keeping records of petty cash expenditure.

10. Maintaining the Food Hygiene Diary and any other statutory records required.


1. Helping to display goods for sale, including the shop window.

2. General care and cleaning of the displays, shelves and floor, etc.

3. Helping with the ordering, unpacking, checking and pricing of stock.

4. Answering the telephone.

5. Reading, answering and acting on any e-mails that are received.

6. Operating the CD player.

7. Responsible for keeping the toilet, passageway, staircase and downstairs rooms clean and tidy.

8. Responsible for ensuring that rubbish is collected and put into the bins and that it is put out for collection.


1. Serving our customers, including using the till and card reader.

2. Paying-in money to the bank.

3. Cashing-up at the end of the day including doing “End of Trading” reconciliation.

4. Making entries into the day-book.

5. Keeping the till area neat and tidy.