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Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”    John 8:12 (NIV)

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About Us

We have twinned our Toilet with one in Uganda!

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The Harbour

The Harbour

Lighthouse’s best kept secret is its Room Downstairs.

This is used occasionally as a meeting room and also where we hold our stock of second-hand books.

The room is available for use and we would like to see it used more.  You could hold a working lunch for up to 12 people (like the Ministers Fraternal), or a celebratory lunch or tea (for a birthday, etc. You could even pre-order a cake).  If you are meeting someone for a private chat you can make use of the comfort and privacy by reserving the time or just ask if free on arrival.

For more information or to book our ROOM DOWNSTAIRS please phone 01884 255769; we will do our very best to accommodate you (by the way - there is never any charge!).

1 October, 2023

Second-Hand Book Sales

The Room Downstairs also contains our Second-hand Book section.

Here we have a wide range of books on all Christian topics at very reasonable prices.

We have a few second-hand Bibles for which we make no charge - how do you value the Word of God!

The stock is rotated regularly as ‘new’ books are given to us and the ‘old’ are passed on to other organisation.

We also have a few second-hand CDs and DVDs.

We are always willing to accept second-hand books on Christian topics in reasonable condition.

Please note:  if the room is being used for a meeting then the Second-Hand section may be unavailable - please phone before making a special journey.

To check when regular meeting are using the room, click here.

The Room Downstairs

Access - unfortunately the only access to the Room Downstairs is by a staircase and which means that wheelchair users and those with mobility problems may find they are unable to get down to the room.